Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Something Weird, and Bad...

Something weird (and bad) has been happening recently - somehow my time doesn't appear to behave the way it usually does (I pray this is temporary). I feel as if I'm rushing about trying to stop up the holes of a sieve as my time pours away. Anyone recognise this feeling?

That's how I missed the last meeting - a clash of things that I needed to do.

Still, I'd like to share my thoughts on the books for the month:
The Man Who Loved Children - I could not read this! I hated that mother and cringed at every cruel remark and evil deed against her children. She really touched a nerve for me. Consequently I only got through about 30 pages.
I Capture the Castle - Sorry, but I have to give a double negative this month - I really had no idea where this story was heading and so just could not sustain it.
At least this month's reading looks  more promising!

I think David was right we need take a look at our reading list and discuss some changes at the next meeting. I've already got some ideas I'd like to put forward and I think we should compile a re-vitalised list. Anyone got any thoughts on that? David?

Want to know what I, (like a good, dis-obedient Book Club Organiser) read this month?
Anna Karenina.
And I'm still reading it. It's long, but so what? I've an idea where it's going, and I want to go with it.
Anyone else read it and got any comments to make? (don't tell me the ending please).

Ok, so get your name down for next month and let's make it a cracking, fun and informative evening for all. See you there!


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