Monday, June 13, 2011

First Birthday!

Thanks to everyone for last night; David, Erin, Sue, Mary, Pomi, Julie, Elaine and new member Rhonda.
Lively it was, just as a first birthday should be, and looking forward to many more perhaps? I hope so.
You probably guessed that we meet on the first Thursday of every month?

Our venue is The Three Monkeys in West End, our start time 6.30pm, although, in line with our relaxed approach, late-comers are welcome since we don't 'get down to business' until about 7pm.

Having shared our thoughts on the current reads (2 choices a month) and partaken in some culinary or liquid delight (or both) it's all over by about 9pm.

We're flexible, open-minded and friendly, so come along, why don't you?